Friday, 21 December 2012

Review of When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson

Last year, It Started with a Kiss was one of my favourite books so I was thrilled to receive a copy of Miranda Dickinson's latest book 'When I Fall in Love' to review.

Elsie Maynard has suffered a terrible tragedy and is just beginning to put her life back together. She is working at 'Sundaes and Cher' a local ice cream parlour in Brighton when an unexpeced event leads her to meet ex-rockstar Woody Jensen.

Elsie is such a great heroine, she is witty, kind and a very strong person. I actually liked all of the characters and felt that Dickinson drew them all into the plot very well. I loved the descriptions of Brighton and Paris; the beauty and vibrancy of these cities is really brought to life in the novel.

This is a wonderful, heart warming novel packed full of moments that will have you laughing out loud. Have your tissues on hand though as there are a few tear jerking moments too. The cover is beautiful too!

I think this is my favourite book by Miranda Dickinson so far – highliy recommended.

Launch event for When I Fall in Love

I am a huge fan of Miranda Dickinson and was super excited to be invited along to her launch event for 'When I Fall in Love' last month. The event was for competition winners and was held at the Parlour restaurant at Fortnum and Mason. It was great to meet Miranda and the competition winners and chat about books, we were each given a signed copy of her latest book. It was fitting that the event was held at the ice cream parlour as this is one of the main settings in the novel. The ice cream on the day were delicious and enormous – you can see a picture of mine below.

Thank you to Becke at Avon for inviting me along to such a fantastic day!

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  1. Sounds like a book I'd enjoy! What a wonderful setting for a launch event :)

    Merry Christmas!