Friday, 28 December 2012

Review of Sworn Secret by Amanda Jennings

Sworn Secret is an outstanding novel by debut author Amanda Jennings.

Anna Thorne is killed in a terrible accident and her family are struggling to come to terms with her death. Just as they are beginning to get their lives back together, a devastating revelation about Anna's past threatens to tear them apart once more.

This is a novel about family, friendship and love. It takes you to the heart of the Thorne family, with parents Kate and Jon battling to come to terms with Anna's death and her younger sister Lizzie embarking on a dizzying love affair that threatens to lead to more heartache and pain for her family.

Intense, mesmerising and packed full of emotion, Sworn Secret had me captivated from the very first page. The book is so well written with short concise chapters that leave the reader on the edge f their seat desperate to know what will happen next. This is a stunning debut novel and I cannot wait to read more from this author.

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