Sunday, 11 August 2013

Review of My Husband Next Door by Catherine Alliott

I am a big fan of Catherine Alliott’s books and had been looking forward to reading her latest novel ‘My Husband Next Door’.

Ella was just nineteen years old when she married well known artist Sebastian Montclair. They had a whirlwind romance and two children soon followed. At first, their lives seemed idyllic with a large London townhouse, lots of invitations flowing in and a private education for the children all within their means. However, fast forward the clock and things have drastically changed. Ella and Sebastian now live separate lives on the same farm in the countryside with their fashionable London days a world away.

With Sebastian living in the out-house, everything is left to Ella and you can tell that she is just about at the end of her tether. It is made all the worse by her sister who seems to have a perfect life with a large house and no money worries. However, when Ella strikes up a friendship with handsome gardener Ludo she wonders if there could be more to their relationship than just a friendship.

Alliott has filled this book with a whole host of coulourful, larger than life characters. I particularly liked the animals characters featured and, as the owner of some rather unruly chickens, I found a certain scene with Ella's cockerels to be hilarious.


This is another fun, witty read from Alliott that would make perfect reading on a summer’s day.

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