Friday, 20 July 2012

Interview with Fanny Blake - Author of Women of a Dangerous Age

Please tell us a little about yourself

I was brought up in Nottingham, then went to university in Edinburgh. I went on to work in publishing and ended up as editorial director for Penguin Books. I left publishing to become a journalist which, in turn, led to my writing a number of non-fiction books such as A Place in the Sun and Location, Location, Location and then a number of ghosted autobiographies. Eventually, after several false starts, I came up with the idea for my first novel What Women Want, published last year. I’m also the books editor of Woman & Home magazine.

I live in London with my husband Robin who is in the middle of writing a fantastic series of historical crime novels. Having two writers in the same house was not something we’d foreseen when we got married! We live with however many of our three sons happen to be home at the time and a geriatric but still quite spritely ginger cat called Mushroom.

Please tell us a little about 'Women of a Dangerous Age' and your inspiration for the book
The idea for it came to me when I was having one of those moments when you look at your life and ask yourself: Is this it? Is it too late to change? After that, Lou and Ali, the two heroines of the novel began to materialise. When the novel opens, Lou has decided to leave her husband while Ali has decided she wants a more committed relationship with her current lover. They decide that it’s not too late for another throw of the dice. They start down a path to reinvent themselves although a couple of startling discoveries on the way threaten to derail them.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on my third novel. I’ve got to the lovely point where everything that’s been set up has started to unravel in a rush towards the end.

Where is your favourite place to write?

Two weeks ago, I’d have said the small back room in our basement that looks over the garden. It’s cool and peaceful but crowded thanks to the countless book proofs I get sent for my job as books editor of Woman & Home. However, I’ve recently discovered the joys of working in bed. It’s very quiet up there with few distractions. I suspect it may not be doing my back much good, but it works for me.

What do you like to do outside of writing? 
I love going on long country walks. I usually go with my husband, my sister or a friend. We either take a small picnic and set off for the day, or find a pub somewhere. Walking and talking – great combination.

During the week I try to do an hour’s walk before I start work, but I’m afraid my resolve is easily broken. I also do three hours of pilates a week.

Otherwise, I read a lot, go to the theatre – more than is good for my finances – and to the cinema. Most of all perhaps, I enjoy meeting friends, having a drink, something to eat and catching up. Oh yes, and chocolate.

 Fanny Blake's latest novel Women of a Dangerous Age is available to buy now. Scroll down to the post below to read my review of this fantastic novel.  

Thank you, Fanny, for taking time to do this interview and thank you to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of 'Women of a Dangerous Age' to review.


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