Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review of The Night Stalker by Chris Carter

Liz has reviewed The Night Stalker by Chris Carter:

The brilliant Detective Robert Hunter and his partner Carlos Garcia of the Los Angeles Homicide Special Section have to find an invisible stalker with a fatal obsession who is drawn to women who strongly resemble one another, not only in looks but also in talent. These ladies suddenly go missing and their bodies are found in isolated buildings. The way in which these women were killed is at the heart of this murder mystery as there are none of the usual marks of violence on their bodies. How did he do it?? We follow the investigation through horror, red herrings and unbelievable cunning to its logical conclusion. Undeterred throughout, even though he is fighting his own personal demons, Hunter doggedly unearths every clue he can find - some seem impossible to untangle from the tight skein of the plot, right to the twist at the conclusion of the search.

As soon as you start reading, you are immediately gripped by the first terrible murder and need to find out exactly what, and who, caused it. The book is very well-written, in fact it is fast-paced rip-tide of a story which I for one did not want to put down until the final full stop. There is a wealth of action throughout with characters from the seedy underworld of life in LA and two clever and driven women in Hunter and Garcia`s boss Captain Blake of the LAHSS and beautiful investigator Whitney Meyers, as well as the inspired Dr Hove, the pathologist.

I am going to read more titles from this excellent, refreshing and inspirational crime writer. 

Thanks Liz and thank you to Simon and Schuster for giving us a copy to review.

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