Saturday, 17 December 2011

Review of Reaching for the Stars by Janice Horton

Reaching for the Stars is Janice Horton’s third novel and the second that she has written as a kindle edition.

The novel opens with infamous Scottish celebrity chef, Finn McDuff, winning his third coveted Gold Star award for cuisine. However, losing his third wife Gina at the same time wasn’t part of his plan. Finn decides that he will do anything to get Gina back, even closing down the restaurant that he has worked so hard for, but will it be enough?

Raine Sanderson and Ross Campbell are two young rival journalists competing to win an exclusive with Finn McDuff. Their rivalry soon leads Finn to believe that he needs to escape the city and let the media furore quieten down. However, Finn doesn’t expect that Edinburgh’s two rival newspapers will soon be doing everything they can to find him.

I was so excited to receive an advance copy of Reaching for the Stars to review and it really lived up to my expectations. The plot is fast paced with some real surprises in store. I loved the setting in Scotland and felt that Horton’s writing actually transports the reader straight to the scene – I felt like I actually knew some of the characters.

This is a fantastic story with a great settig and characters. I liked Finn much more than I thought I would at first and felt that he does change a lot over the course of the novel. It was also really fun to feel like I was behind the scenes with a famous chef!

 I would highly recommend Reaching for the Stars – 5 stars from me!

Thanks Janice for sending me a copy to review.

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  1. Oh wow Sarah - I can't tell you how excited I was to read your review of Reaching for the Stars - and to discover you had enjoyed it!

    It's so important for me as an author to have my characters 'come alive' in the book for the reader and I'm delighted with your comments.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review Reaching for the Stars!

    Janice xx