Friday, 5 April 2013

Review of The Salome Effect by James Sajo

The Salome Effect by James Sajo is set in Torino and it follows the life of army veteran Robert.

Robert falls for Mariana, a beautiful Romanian stripper and will do anything to prove to her that he loves her. The problem is that Robert really will do anything and does not seem to care about the consequences. Just how far is he prepared to go...

This is an impeccably researched novel and I loved the way that the art world is wound into the storyline. At the very heart of this book, is the famous Caravaggio painting 'The Salome'. For Mariana, it is not just a painting but is a symbol that seems to mirror her life. For Robert, The Salome is the key to Mariana's heart.

The plot is fast place and kept me hooked. There are a number of serious issues in the novel, which are sympatheticaly covered including post traumatic stress disorder. The setting of Torino is vividly described and makes the reader feel as if they are there.

I really enjoyed reading this book, which is a gripping read and would recommend it for fans of both contemporary and historical fiction, as well as anyone with an interest in art.

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