Sunday, 24 March 2013

Review of Trapped by Jacqui Rose

The story begins with Maggie Donaldson`s release from prison for assault. She has her father, Max Donaldson`s, temper. Max is a nasty, abusive and ruthless gangland “face” in Soho, bent on controlling not only his extortion business but also his family by violent means. Maggie`s mother Sheila has put up with him for years but has done nothing to shield her daughter and sons Tommy and Nicky from the beatings he metes out to all of them.

Max has a hatred for everyone, especially his sworn enemy, Frankie Taylor, who is more successful than he is and who is respected in the underworld, unlike Max. Frankie has a wife, Gypsy, who loves the designer lifestyle and one son, Johnny, on whom he dotes. . The feud between the Taylors and the Donaldsons has gone on for many years, so many, in fact, that the origin of the discord has been buried.

Meanwhile – Maggie and Johnny have their own dangerous secret. They must keep the knowledge of their relationship as far away from the two families as possible. How can they do this is the face of the recently rekindled hostilities between Max and Frankie? How can Maggie protect her drug-dependent brother Nicky and what is the incubus which is taking over Tommy`s thoughts and giving him nightmares?

Trapped” shows us the brutal underside of society in Soho where the love, loyalty and faith between people can be misdirected by hatred, spite and greed, the latter two personified in Frankie`s sister Lorna. It is an arresting story with plenty of drama and stellar twists which leave the reader breathless. I find it even more rivetting as Jacqui has drawn on her own experience in the penning of this book.


Reviewed by Liz.

Thanks Liz and thank you to Avon for sending us a copy to review.

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