Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review of Millie and the American University by Annabel Scott

Millie and the American University is the prequel to Millie and the American Wedding, which was released last year.  

The novel follows University student Millie as she goes on a year abroad to Kendry University in Pennsylvania. Millie finds herself the centre of attention on this small US campus, as the only British student there and people (especially boys) are fascinated by her accent. Everything about Kendry is different from her UK University from the intense workload to the fraternity parties and the way that students don’t drink in bars as much. Determined to make friends, Millie is initially introduced to Jen and Casey two girls from one of the sorority houses. At first, she thinks that they are genuine friends, but soon their bossiness about her clothes and weight begin to seem more like bullying. When Millie makes friends with Kristen and begin going to parties together, Jen and Casey turn on her and things become particularly nasty when Millie shows interest in a guy that Casey likes.

Each chapter begins with an email entry from Millie to her friends in the UK and this was one of my favourite features of the book. It is interesting to see Millie’s summary of what has happened whilst she has been away. I loved reading about all of the frat parties and drinking games that went on, there are some hilarious moments with one particular incident with whipped cream that had me laughing out loud.

This is a really fun, romantic, feel good story that I read in one sitting, it made me feel nostalgic for my university days!

 I also think that it would appeal to fans of New Adult fiction.

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