Monday, 10 June 2013

Review of Losing It by Cora Carmack

I’ve really got into reading new adult titles recently and had heard a lot of good things about Losing It, which is the first in a trilogy by Cora Carmack.

Bliss is in her final year at college studying drama. She is 22 years old and a virgin. This is something that really bothers her and she makes a pact to lose her virginity. When she meets a handsome English man called Garrick in a bar, she is prepared to take the plunge. The real problem arises a few hours later when she finds out that he is her new tutor.

I actually really liked Bliss’ character; she describes herself as a control freak and worries about everything. I thought that this made her seem like someone who is easy to relate to. Garrick is a great character; you could tell instantly that there was a lot of chemistry between to two. I loved the way that both character know they shouldn’t have a student/teacher romance, but at the same time there is no hiding the chemistry between them. There are a number of sub-plots and supporting characters and each are cleverly woven into the storyline.

Losing It was fun to read, I found myself completely hooked and read it in one sitting and I laughed so much about Bliss’ dilemma over a cat. I particularly liked the way that Cormack has included references to Shakespeare throughout the book.

Losing It is a great book that had me laughing out loud in places. The book is much deeper than it initially sounds and is actually a sweet, romantic story. I can’t wait to read Faking It. If you’re  a fan of new adult or romance titles, I am sure that you will love this book.

Thank you to Ebury for sending me a copy to review.

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