Sunday, 5 May 2013

Review of The Professor of Truth by James Robertson

James Robertson has portrayed in this book the search of one man, Dr. Alan Tealing, a university lecturer in English Literature, for the truth about the murder of his wife and daughter in an aeroplane bombing over Scotland. He has never believed that the man brought to trial for the abomination, Khalil Khazar, was guilty of placing the bomb on the plane from London bound for the USA. Twenty-one years, much investigation and public shaking of theories later, he is still searching for the truth even though Khalil Khazar has recently died. This winter he is visited by Ted Nilsen, an American agent dying of cancer, who gives him the address of the taxi driver Parroulet, who testified to Khazar`s guilt at the trial and who is the last link in Tealing`s investigation. Will travelling to the other end of the world finally put his tortured mind to rest?

James Robertson depicts the hopelessness and helplessness of one man who refuses to accept the official line concerning the deaths of his family in the bombing. He hauntingly describes Tealing`s agony in following lead after lead which end at brick walls, making him feel that he is in a prison of both his own and the authorities` making and from which he feels he will never escape. A magnificent study exploring motives, beliefs and the courage of one self-effacing man in his pursuit of truth, not without high drama.

Reviewed by Liz.

Thank you to Penguin for sending us a copy to review.

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