Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Review of Stalkers by Paul Finch

The moment Sergeant Mark “Heck” Heckenburg breaks the rules and goes it alone to investigate the disappearance of over thirty ordinary, lawabiding women, he is in trouble. He finds himself on the trail of an extremely clever group of men who can acquire anything you want, when you want it, but at a price over and above that of mere money. He reluctantly accepts the help of Lauren Wraxford, an ex-squaddie, whose skills, honed in Iraq and Afghanistan, become increasingly essential as together they track down the “Nice Guys Club”. Heck has only Lauren as backup as they race up and down the country from London to Manchester and back in pursuit of the Club members who remain stubbornly elusive but who eliminate every lead they get, however tenuous. They, in turn, are next to be eliminated but manage to escape death on more than one heart-stopping occasion. DCI Gemma Piper, Heck`s boss, knows what he is up to but cannot help him – he has cut himself off from the Force for a reason…….

This is an amazingly fast-paced book with all the elements of gruesomeness, drama and sheer terror combined. Old-world style gangsters in the persons of Bobby Ballamara and his trusty aides exist side by side with the modern type of gangsters using the most modern technology available and who are so ruthless that it takes the reader`s breath away. Who will save Heck? Will he trace the Club?

I could not put the book down until I had all the answers. An outstanding crime thriller – I cannot wait to read more about Heck`s undertakings in the name of law and order. This is one of the best reads I have ever had, and I don`t say that lightly!

Reviewed by Liz.

Thanks Liz and thank you to Avon for sending us a copy to review

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