Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review of Vampire State of Mind by Jane Lovering

Vampire State of Mind is the first book that I have read by award winning author Jane Lovering.

It is a paranormal romance, which focuses on the world of vampires. Jessica Grant works as a ‘council tracker’ in York watching the movement of vampires in the city. As part of her job, she comes into contact we lots of vampires and other-worlders and usually finds them to be arrogant and very attractive.

Sil, a vampire, is no exception and Jessica struggles to contain her feelings for him. When a demon causes problems for both the human and vampire world, Jess and Sil are forced to work closely together, but what will the consequences be?

I really enjoyed reading Vampire State of Mind and loved the setting of York – one of my favourite cities. There are a lot of vampire novels out at the moment, but Lovering has succeeded in creating a unique story with strong characters and a suspense filled plot. I was hooked from the very first page.

Thank you to Choc Lit for sending me a copy to review.

Vampire State of Mind is available to buy now:

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