Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review of The Penny Bangle by Margaret James

The Penny Bangle is the third book in a trilogy about the Denham family. Despite being a trilogy, each book also reads very well as a stand alone novel.

The story follows nineteen year old Cassie who leaves her terraced Birmingham street in 1942 to go to Dorset as a land girl. It is a huge change for Cassie, but in a short time she learns to love the countryside. Romance begins to blossom between Cassie and Robert Denham, but he is soon sent off to fight in North Africa. Cassie feels restless and signs up to the ATS where she is posted to Egypt.

When Robert is reported missing in action, Cassie cannot believe it. As time goes by she finds herself becoming to closer to Robert’s twin brother Stephen, but will he ever replace Robert and will Robert return?

I was looking forward to reading The Penny Bangle after having read The Silver Locket a few months ago. James’ writing is so vivid that the scenes and characters described really come to life. I also really liked Cassie as a heroine, she is very determined and strong willed. I felt that she grew a lot, as a person, as the novel progressed. The plot itself is engaging and takes the reader from rural Dorset to war torn London, Italy and Egypt. As with all Choc Lit books, both hero and heroine have a strong voice so we get to hear Robert’s side of the story too.

This is the second novel that I have read by Margaret James and I loved it. It is quite fast paced and I found that I just wanted to keep on reading. Highly recommended.

Thank you to Choc Lit for sending me a copy to review.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely review, Sarah! I like Cassie, too. She came out of nowhere and made herself at home in my head, so I had to write her story.